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Plugin Analyzer

Please test your computer using this plugin analyzer. This test will determine if you have required plugins installed and that cookies are enabled. The test could take upwards of 1 minute to complete.


Audio/Video streaming technology works quite well most of the time. The audio/video may be interrupted occasionally because of Internet congestion, especially during peak usage periods. If you are able to listen/view one of the demo programs on the Welcome page, you should be able to listen/view any of the online seminars.

  • If an interruption occurs, simply wait for the audio to continue.
  • If you experience multiple or lengthy interruptions, make sure your connection speed is at least 33 Kbps for audio and 100 Kbps for video. If you still experience such interruptions, please return to the course at a later time.
  • If you have downloaded the and are having problems getting it to work, click for configuration information.

For technical support, please email confirmation@aptility.net or call 800-638-3757 to leave a message, and a technical support representative will call you back!

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies to detect browser plugin information only. This site does not sell, rent or share the information collected with any outside parties.

Internet Explorer PC:

  • Go to Tools>Internet Options…
  • Select the Privacy Tab and make sure that the Settings slider is NOT set to Block all Cookies.

Internet Explorer Mac:

  • Explorer > Preferences
  • Double-click Receiving files and select Cookies from the dropdown.
  • In Cookie Settings, make sure that "When receiving cookies" is NOT set to "Never accept"

Netscape 6+

  • Go to Edit > Preferences
  • Double-click Advanced in the Category pane and select Cookies from the dropdown
  • In the Cookies pane, select "Enable all cookies"


  • Go to Edit > Preferences
  • Double-click Privacy and Security in the Category pane and select Cookies from the dropdown
  • In the Cookies pane, select "Enable all cookies"

Download Center

Find the version that applies to your computer and click on the appropriate download. You may download the file or open it from our servers if appropriate.


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